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Her Eyes & My Voice: Issue 4 Launch @Gasworks, London | 7 September 2016 | Lauren Godfrey &

Q: Is this an interview? A: No, it’s The Interview Issue! Vanessa Visual & Virginia Verbal invite you to the launch of the fourth issue of Her Eyes & My Voice: The Interview Issue, at Gasworks. Film press junket interviews, ticketed institutional ‘in conversations’, rock journalism, long form in print, podcasts, public round tables, panel discussions, TV talk shows, late night talk shows, unedited transcriptions, political interviews, interrogations, police interviews, Q & A 's, job interviews, psychiatric assessments, market research, Skype interviews, mock interviews, speculative interviews, interviews in novels, interviews as fiction, reluctant interviewees, interviews gone bad... The artists and writers brought together in Issue 4 take cues from these conventions, playing with or subverting their structures in both visual and written forms : Melanie Counsell Isabel Mallet Lillian Wilkie Simon Cutts Ash Kilmartin Katherine Macbride Eleanor Vonne Brown Siôn Parkinson Edmund Cooke Martino Gamper Connie Butler Lauren Godfrey Cocktails and readings from 7pm Gasworks 155 Vauxhall Street London SE11 5RH --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Her Eyes & My Voice is produced and edited by the publishing collective Vanessa Visual & Virginia Verbal, founded by Connie Butler and Lauren Godfrey in 2011. Previous titles, A Relationship in Ekphrasis, Performing to Objects and Decorative Grammar all initiated a conversation in text and image and were launched at Chisenhale Gallery and Gowlett Peaks. Her Eyes & My Voice is stocked internationally.

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