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In late 2021, after studio visits, Adam approached Luke about organising a show together. They had met one another through various jobs a few years before and they occasionally ran into each other at private views. They did their MAs at Chelsea in different years, far enough apart that there were no mutual peers.  Adam and Luke had both lived out of the country of their birth, and Luke had recently returned to making paintings. It seemed to be a good fit.


Luke wrote to Adam. Adam replied. Luke wrote back...


Dear Luke, Dear Adam was published on the occasion of Luke Dowd and Adam Holmes-Davies' 2-person exhibition of the same name. 


This exhibition was the cumulation of a two-year dialogue and exchange between the 2 artists.
Recording their lives and experiences of making art, this publication comprises an 18-month email exchange peppered with later addenda from Dan Howard-Birt and Homay King.

18 page riso book printed by Duplikat Press.


Dear Luke, Dear Adam book

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