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Pebble / Shoe is a mini-season of exhibitions and events at Kingsgate Project Space celebrating artist-led projects.


Auction House

Group Exhibition : The Redruth Albany Club

Friday 1 September, 5 - 9pm

Saturday 2 September, 12 - 5pm



Sovay Berriman - Naomi Frears -  Liam Jolly - Dean Knight - Patrick Lowry

Alice Mahoney - Jacqui Orly – SHARP - Andy Webster



RA Club - Pic.jpeg

'Auction House is an artist led project space in the heart of Redruth, Cornwall. Established in 2018 by artist Liam Jolly, its aim was to provide space for artists to quietly experiment and test ideas. Since then, it’s developed into providing a vital platform for projects and public exhibitions of contemporary art, by emerging and established artists, from Cornwall and beyond.


Situated within the historic Buttermarket in Redruth, the venue is currently closed for 12 months while a major renovation project takes place to the buildings. Having observed that many AH regular visitors, repeat visitors, and those that engage and ask the most questions, are often people from the town, a plan was devised to use this fallow period as an opportunity to take the work they do directly out into the community.


This is a chance to not only test how work performs in these alternative settings away from a classic white cube, but more importantly to place the work of these artists directly in dialogue with the local community. It’s hoped to be a way to further conversations around contemporary art and promote the excellent work that is happening within the town right now.


So in June, AH staged its first pop-up show at the Redruth Albany Club, the local rugby teams clubhouse at just down the road. The club’s enthusiasm to stage a contemporary art show in their club house was inspiring. Just like AH, they wanted to communicate what they do to a wider audience, and engage the community, but also just like AH, make it clear that all are very welcome.


It seemed only right to invite artists that are working within Redruth right now, and so the Redruth Albany Club was born. So, as last time we put an art show into a rugby club we thought  for Pebble/Shoe we’d bring the rugby club the gallery space. That show was a huge hit, part exhibition, part social club, but lots of fun.


For our takeover at Kingsgate we decided to bring just a flavor of that night, so the work here is diverse, critical, serious, subtle and often funny. Test works, old works, works in response to the venue, performance and intervention. But importantly a chance to bring people together and enjoy all the Redruth Albany Club has offer.'



Monday 11 September 2023

6:30pm SHARP – 7:30pm

The Tin Tabernacle

RSVP essential


Hmn is a quarterly sound-based test centre organised by Anne Tallentire and Chris Fite-Wassilak


Gaëtan Bernède, Camilla Bliss, Allison Blumenthal, Grace Crabtree, Niccolò Debole, Simon Job, Joona Pakkanen, Elena Rivera-Montanes, Claudia Rose, Sasha Saari, Rose Shuckburgh, Unu Sohn, Henry Ward, Emma Witter, Shinhye You

28 July - 5 August 2023

PV Friday 28 July 6-9pm


Experiencing an indescribable feeling, a moment transcending our physical being. A sensation that kindled a peaceful space, connected us with another sphere, another hue, beyond our comprehension.

Senses that stayed present in our surroundings, broadened our focus to include some other realm of imagination, incited by touch. An unspoken understanding that leads to an intuitive interconnection, all one, basking in the same sun, breathing in the same air.

Casting light across the atmosphere, our perceptions, our tactility, and our small voices flow seamlessly in and out of consciousness. The ability to experience both grand and minute manners of life with a new weight, slowly gaining a grasp of that with no name.


Warbling is an artist-run curatorial project in London, UK, presenting artists from all over the world, those outside the large cities, alongside artists who are based here. Bringing together a programme driven by the necessity for artists who usually share their work predominantly online to show their practice in person, within a physical space and as part of a growing international community of artists. Warbling is run by artist Robyn Graham.



Brockley Gardens: Tilly the Snail

Thomas Greig & Billy Crosby

PV: Friday 13 January 6 - 9pm
Exhibition continues: Saturday 14 January 12 - 6pm

New year new show new me , another run around the sun and still its green florets and no regrets. 2023 keep spiralling lets get it - Tilly the Snail 

Brockley Gardens was a project space in a South London garage active between 2019-22, run by two friends and artists Thomas Greig and Billy Crosby. Developing out of the conversations they started at art school, the close knit relationship between them became a key part of the space's functioning and voice. They ran a varied programme with an emphasis on helping early career artists realise small focused shows. It was run on a shoestring but being light on the draft lent itself to risk taking and creative autonomy. Three years is the sweet spot for this kind of thing, in their experience.

Hope: Dear all

Anna Howard, Bryony Dawson, Ellen Macdonald, Kristian Volsing, springseason, Steven Claydon 

PV: Friday 3 February 6 - 9pm
Continues: Saturday 4 February 12 - 6pm 



Rather than an exhibition of artworks by artists, Dear all is a group show that gathers peripheral or non-public studio, workplace and research-based material from a range of disciplines and roles. 

‘Dear all’, perhaps the first moment of grouping a group or of speaking publicly, titles a show of the work we do to be able to do the work we do. 

Hope is an occasional project space that has been run in London since 2018 by Alex Clarke, Daniel Lipp and Ariane Schick.  Hope situates forms of exhibition-making between personal and public spaces populating the studio and exhibition with interpersonal dynamics, dialogue and exchange.

Stage is a multi-artist installation and zine project curated by LLE (Casper White and James Moore).
The artworks all relate to the theme of ‘stage’.
The first installation is at Kingsgate Project Space, Kilburn, London.

The installation consists of two formats of artwork:
1. large backdrops.
2. small works on panels.

Participating artists were invited to produce both backdrops and small works on panels.

The backdrops are hung on the gallery walls and are at least 1 metre in height or width. They are large-scale drawings, paintings, textile and fabric hangings, and pre-existing items such as posters. The smaller works on wooden panels are hung on-top of the backdrops.The backdrop pieces are necessarily damaged during the installation, as holes are pierced through them to hang the smaller wooden panels on top. The installation is changed during the exhibition, with works being moved, added and removed.

LLE are an artist-led curatorial project with a focus on contemporary painting. LLE was founded by Casper White and Lara Davies, and is currently run by Casper White and James Moore.  LLE doesn’t represent any artists in a contractual fashion, instead, it hopes to foster ongoing relationships between artists. There is no definite space that LLE operates within. The people running it are based in Cardiff. The artists they work with are based all around the UK.

LLE: Stage

John Abell, Jo Berry, Abi Birkinshaw, Sarah Boulter, Dave Brooke, Gordon Dalton, Lara Davies, Roslim Dew, Tamara Dubnyckyj, Robbie Fife, Elliott Flanagan, Rebecca Gould, Abigail Hampsey, David Hancock, Callum Harvey, Beatrice Hasell-Mccosh, Marielle Hehir, Maggie James, Gareth Kemp, Dean Knight, Iwan Lewis, Rhiannon Lowe, Daniel MacCarthy, James Moore, Ruth Murray, Philip Nicol, Mahali O’Hare, Tom Pitt, Chantal Powell, Ben Risk, Fiona G Roberts, Robin Tarbet, Liorah Tchiprout, Ruby Tingle, Toby Ursell, Casper White, Dylan Williams, Ellie Young

PV: Friday 24 February 6 - 9pm
Continues: Saturday 25 February 12 - 6pm 



Panel discussion event | Come Fail Here: Why Project Spaces Are Not Galleries, Why They Matter + How to Start Your Own

With Chris Fite-Wassilak, Brockley Gardens, Hope, LLE

Thursday 9 February 6:30pm, free



Come Fail Here - Why Project Spaces Are Not Galleries, Why They Matter + How to Start Your Own
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