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Matthew de Kersaint Giraudeau: You Are in Hell

18th September - 16th October 2021
Preview: Friday 17th September 2021 6 - 9pm

You Are in Hell is an exhibition of new work by the artist Matthew de Kersaint Giraudeau. The exhibition includes paintings, drawings, wall mounted sculptures, and a video installation featuring performances to camera made with Daniel Oliver and Tammy Reynolds, from which the show takes its title. The works reflect on what it is to be trapped by the material reality of our circumstances: stuck in one place, repeating ourselves, made to play a role assigned to us by other people. Hell might be our job, or hell might be our politics, or hell might be this exhibition. You are in hell.





Matthew de Kersaint Giraudeau was one of Kingsgate Workshops’ 2020-21 artists-in-residence. He creates sculptures, drawings, paintings, performances and videos. His blackly humorous work addresses ugliness, bad feelings and power. He is currently undertaking a practice based PhD at Kingston School of Art where he is researching direct address in performance and video.

He was an Open School East Associate in 2014. He founded The Bad Vibes Club, which is a forum for research into negative states, and he runs Radio Anti with Ross Jardine. He lives and works in London.

Recent exhibitions include In Hell Online at Skelf Projects (2021) and Lan Gwuhj Geimz at Open School East (2020). Recent work has been shown at WRO Biennale in Wrocław, Southwark Park Gallery in London, Tate Liverpool and Lafayette Anticipations in Paris.

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