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Yvette Kissi

Textiles, Visual Art

Studio 47

Yvette Kissi is British-Ghanaian painter, textile designer whose flowing abstract paintings and textiles exude a deep, sophisticated, complex language of colour and movement.

As a resident member of Textiles Hub London, Yvette Kissi has developed a distinctive, enthralling painting style which under the umbrella concept of F L O W (a process-led concept in which intuitive painting and textiles are the focus) represent an exploration of the connotations of colour, her cultural heritage and an intellectual and material exploration of the synchronized containment and expansion present during her intuitive painting process.

This recently developed language where painting becomes wearable textiles, in a separate state of F L O W highlights the transformation when a piece transitions from one state to the other, thereby blurring the boundaries between painting and textiles.

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