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Tina Leslie

Fine Art

Studio 36

Impressionist painter Tina Leslie’s work explores both abstracted cityscapes and a series of works on nature. Her paintings celebrate movement, pattern and energy.

Tina has been a fine artist for 35 years, developing and evolving her own style and approach through a wide range of media including pottery, ceramic sculpture, paintings in oil, and mixed media.

Recent inspiration has included nature and culture, architecture, structures, aerial design and light - these subjects are taken in and transformed in a process of observation and personal interpretation. Pulled-back bird’s-eye views contrast with perspectives from deep in the tangle of nature itself. These mixed media paintings celebrate the movement, pattern and energy found in urban and natural spaces.

Exhibitions have included: Inside Outside, and Architects of the Imagination at The Ply Gallery Hornsey Town Hall, and the annual Open Studios Weekends at Kingsgate Workshops. Upcoming exhibitions are planned at Hampstead School of Art and Highgate Gallery.

Tina's impressionistic, abstract and vibrant paintings of cityscapes and nature are a celebration of rhythm and the musicality of mark making.

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