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Linda Dangoor

Ceramics, Painting

Studio 49

Linda Dangoor was born in Baghdad and lived in Beirut and Paris before settling in the UK.
Designer, painter and potter, Dangoor initially studied painting at Byam Shaw and graphic design at the Central School of Art. She worked in the design field for many years both in Paris and London. And throughout her professional career, she continued to develop her personal work, painting and drawing and exhibiting.

The clay experience was a late one. It happened almost by accident, and it was a revelation - you might say it was ‘love at first touch’!

She works mainly in stoneware and porcelain, and most of her pieces are sculptural rather than functional, some of which have holes and gaps in between the layers. Perfect and imperfect containers, their layering may evoke landscapes and movement and, at times, the body and the feminine. Somehow, all these metaphors come together in a pot.

A passionate cook too, Linda Dangoor put down her favourite Iraqi and Middle Eastern recipes in a book entitled Flavours of Babylon.

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