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Dana Lazarus-Cass


Studio 21

Dana Lazarus-Cass has been working, exhibiting and selling her ceramics ever since graduating from the University of Westminster, Harrow in 2012.

Creating both distinctive illustrative tableaux conveying aspects of the human condition as well as consistently making useful pieces, Dana feels unhindered to explore the endless possibilities of working in clay. Fascinated by both storytelling and symbolism she tries to incorporate concepts in her pieces that go beyond their surface qualities. Having first worked in the worlds of photography and film she draws heavily from “cinematic” imagery for her fine art pieces.

Originally from New York, Dana has made London her home for the past 35 years and has exhibited widely throughout the UK. Her work can be found in many private collections worldwide, has taught privately and is a member of London Potters Association and helped establish the Second Half charity annual artists fundraiser and has contributed to other charitable causes with her work and time.

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