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Anna Lilja Langer


Beware of Imitation Studio
Studio 47

Anna is a German-born fashion and textile designer with a bold and joyful sense for colour. Her creations start as fabric collages on the table before being draped on the mannequin and transformed into three-dimensional wearable pieces. Led by the characteristics of the fabrics themselves, she designs with a freedom to explore experimental shapes and silhouettes, with memories from fashion history. Her designs are elegant, fun, and characterised by playfully vibrant colour and fabric combinations.

After graduating with a Masters Degree in Womenswear she worked internationally for over a decade in ready-to-wear and luxury fashion, which took her to Antwerp, New York and Berlin, before settling in London. Witnessing the scale of waste in the fashion industry and the world in general has led her to become an informed and passionate advocate for sustainability. As a result, her design approach explores the possibilities of reusing and repurposing only existing material, not buying anything new, nor discarding excess. She has never liked throwing anything away, especially fabrics, so she draws from her large collection of offcuts, leftovers, old garments and other unwanted material gathered from across the globe, to create her one of a kind pieces.
In addition to clothing, Anna also creates colourful and practical accessories to adorn and energise the body and the home, including scrunchies, hair bands, pillows and curtains. All imbued with her personal colour sensibility, and the aim to not take herself or her designs too seriously.
Anna is a resident member of Textiles Hub London

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