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Harry Lawson, Cave

14 January - 18 February 2017

PV: Friday 13 January, 6-9pm


Cave is a new work for Kingsgate Project Space following Harry Lawson’s six month studio residency at Kingsgate Workshops.  It would be untrue, however, to suggest that this exhibition concludes or summarises this residency.  No such exhibition ever can – and this one less so than most.


Cosmic time; the aspirations and relics of Land Art; the hallowed halls of the British Museum; the great tradition of wunderkammern, all feed the atmosphere of this display of rocks and other rock-like specimen, but so too does a fugitive sense of now. Recent history and soon to be outmoded technologies too, retain their framing influence on how this collection coalesces meaning today.  Meteorites, bought and sold on eBay, connect PayPal transactions and UPS shipping services with the birth of the stars and intergalactic flight.


Arranged in themed cabinets - Regular Rocks; Incoherent Material; Tainted Objects; Potential for Containment / Transportive Objects; Deep Time – Cave allows wonder and horror to charge mixed feelings of doubt, connection and the pursuit of significance.  Unlike more pedagogic displays, Cave offers a moment of stillness within a great and unstoppable flux of time and space.






Harry Lawson (b.1985, Hereford, UK) graduated in 2013 with an MA in Sculpture from the Royal College of Art, London and previously attended John Moores University, Liverpool (2007). Most recently Harry had a solo exhibition Remote Future, Remote Past at Apartment Projects, London, 2014. Harry also completed a residency at One Thoresby Street, Nottingham in 2015.

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