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Past a-i-r Leonie Nagel is exhibiting with Elif Saydam in glücksfall at The Tail, Brussels until 26

Leonie Nagel & Elif Saydam

glücksfall | The Tail, Brussels

18 July - 26 August 2020

L and E work the midnight shift, uncrating enormous tacky jewelry for the sculpture garden of a grand provincial “museum” in a decrepit no-name town, formerly an empire of coal mines. They joke around about being “saved” while avoiding the aggressive museum director. All night, up and down, they climb wacky staircases scattered throughout the postmodern architecture like a hidden joke on the workers that use them, who are trying to get from A to B to Feierabend. Forgetting a box of screws on another level quickly becomes painful. L and E learn to enjoy “wasting time” climbing all of the stairs. Eventually, the clock strikes twelve; L puts on L’s street clothes, pumpkin tones from head to toe. E can’t find E’s other shoe. In solidarity they decide to walk down the street barefoot together.

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