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Artist Opportunity over at TACO!

Artist opportunity at TACO!

This is the beginning, it’s only fitting that we consider its end. We’ve been losing sleep over it. Nightmares of a destroyed hot world. The mad end. Mutually assured. Not with a bang but with a whimper. A boot on your face. Our own end. Of elaborate plans and everything that stands. Of fresh fruit. Of cheap french wine. Small and inconsequential yet easier to handle don't you think? It was only ever the means to an end. Their means. Their end. Those fuckers. It’ll be the end of something and the beginning of something else. We wish it would end for an all consuming gaping maw for a ship of fools for privileged white men for the 1% for the government And end to all that. And end to them. Their end. A dead fucking end for those dead end fuckers. We can't wait We’ll embrace it. We’ll be liberated. No looking back. Into the black we will go. Beyond the known universe. We’ll see what is on the other side. The last great unknown. The big ‘O’ Omega The end of the line baby! We’ll break through. The final trip. We’re never coming down! We’re never coming back! We’ve missed our flight. The wait at the airport. When can we get on? When can we get off? When will it stop? Are we nearly there yet? no, we’re never coming back. Om Shanti Shanti Shanti Is it the end? This is the end. Full stop. No really, this is the end. - ENDS - For the inaugural edition of DreamsTimeFree, a new bi annual publication of experimental artists writing published by TACO!, responses are sought for the theme of The End. All submissions should be sent via email with full contact details and a short CV. Deadline for submissions is 8 Dec @ 5pm Submissions can take the form of written pieces (no more than 2000 words) or text and image pieces of no more than 8 pages. Proposals for events to accompany submitted pieces (performances, readings, screenings or other) are welcome. All submissions to be sent electronically to nb(at) with the subject header ‘The End’. We are unfortunately not able to pay for submissions or selected content.

DreamsTimeFree is an open submission bi-annual publication that is non profit making. Published contributors receive a number of copies by way of recompense. Artists and contributors selected for an event do however receive an event fee and expenses.

More info about TACO! and this opportunity can be found here:

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