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Victoria Adam and Paloma Proudfoot are both part of group show All That the Rain Promises and More..

Arusha Gallery and guest curator Aimée Parrott present All That the Rain Promises and More....

Victoria Adam | Wilhelmina Barns-Graham | Helen Chadwick | Ithell Colquhoun | Natalie Dray | Ed Hill | Kate McMillan | Aimée Parrott | Matthew Peers | Paloma Proudfoot | Hermione Spriggs | James Sowerby | Sean Steadman | Emma Talbot | Virginia Verran | Joel Wyllie | Jerusha West

Arusha Gallery

13A Dundas Street, Edinburgh EH3 6QG

25 July - 14 September 2019

This group exhibition takes the fruiting body of fungus, the mushroom, as a starting point. From ancient myths and folkloric legends to recent scientific discoveries, fungi has been heralded as a powerful symbol of hope and ecological connectivity, bringing the promise of renewal, reproduction and fertility. Crossing multiple generations, with work from Helen Chadwick, Ithell Colquhoun, Sean Steadman and Paloma Proudfoot, the 17 selected artists share a preoccupation with the symbiotic connection we each have with our environment. In their own way each artist acknowledges the human body as a porous, precarious site and life as a precarious condition.

All That the Rain Promises Supper Club

Created as sensory, collective and celebratory response to the Festival show, Arusha Gallery will be presenting All That the Rain Promises Supper Club; an intimate dinner on the 12th August. With a focus on seasonal, foraged and local Scottish ingredients, the multi-course tasting menu makes use of various forms of fungi and fermentation; from wild yeast bread and umeboshi plums to apple Kombucha cocktails and chocolate cep mignardise. Unfortunately, they are unable to cater for any allergies, intolerances or preferences and the menu will contain meat, raw fish, eggs, dairy, wheat and nuts. For more information or to see a sample menu contact the gallery on 0131 557 1412

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