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Ruth Waters is showing alongside Soohyun Choi & Olivia Hernaïz in group show Push Your Luck at I

Push Your Luck

Ruth Waters, Soohyun Choi & Olivia Hernaïz Curated by Olivia Hernaïz Island, Brussels

15 March - 28 April 2019

For their exhibition at Island, artists Soohyun Choi, Olivia Hernaïz and Ruth Waters question the testing of boundaries between consumption, cognition and communication. The cautionary phrase « Don’t push your luck » is a warning to not go any further, beyond what is deemed to be currently possible. From this standpoint, the artists begin to challenge the status quo, proposing the questions: Has the time come to push one’s luck? Are we to accept only what is offered? If our generation is the first be statistically worse off, isn’t pushing one’s luck exactly what needs to be done?

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