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The Living Room | Companion Planting with Hannah Lees, Rachel Pimm, Andrea Zucchini, Åsa Sonjasdotte

The Living Room | Companion Planting

Saturday 3 June 2017, 3-8pm

Goldsmiths Allotment 8 Lewisham Way SE14 6NW * Hannah Lees * Rachel Pimm * Andrea Zucchini * Åsa Sonjasdotter * Andreas Sell * Michal Plata *

* Henry Mulhall * Laura Alabaf * The Mycological Twist * Charles Matthews * 'Companion Planting' is an exhibition that explores the intersection of art and ecology in the unique site of Goldsmiths’ allotment. The works reflect upon the notion of permaculture, a term coined in 1978 by Bill Mollison, who described it as “a philosophy of working with, rather than against nature; of thoughtful observation, rather than thoughtless labour; and of looking at plants and animals in all their functions, rather than treating them as a single product system.” The title refers to polyculture, one of the principles of permaculture, whereby different species coexist in close proximity, so that their differences can provide a communal habitat for the benefit of all organisms. The artworks come together in this way, interacting with and complementing each other, also touching upon ideas of how co-existance in and with nature may occur. The LivingRoom is a nomadic space dedicated to the curation of sound, performance and visual art. Playing with the boundaries between the display of the work and the work itself, The LivingRoom hosts exhibitions within different contexts in extraordinary spaces. 'Companion Planting' is the fifth in this series of events which include 'Canning Time', part of the Art Licks Weekend 2016 and 'A leap of faith' at St. Laurence Church in Catford. Curated by Sara Rodrigues and Cristina Ramos. 'Companion Planting' is supported by Goldsmiths’ Annual Fund. Special thank you to Ros Gray, Senior Lecturer in Fine Art at Goldsmiths and initiator of the allotment, for her contribution towards the exhibition. For more information please visit:

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