Up next at Kingsgate Project Space | The Man with Night Sweats | 26 May - 25 June 2017

Jack Pierson (Pyramid, Pink) 2010

Courtesy of the artist, the Billboard Creative and Cheim & Read, New York


The Man with Night Sweats 

Steve Farrer, Neil Haas, Dietmar Lutz, Mike Silva, Jack Pierson


opens Thursday 25 May 2017 6 - 9pm
continues 26 May – 25 June, open Thurs–Sat, 12noon–6pm + extra day on Sun 25th June

A poor weed,
unwanted straggle tufted
with unlovely yellow,
persists between paving stones
marginal to the grid
bearded face turned toward the light     

                   Thom Gunn  (Outside the Diner)

The Man with Night Sweats is inspired by the energy generated within the bourgeoning gay/queer cultures that emerged out of the changing political and social landscapes of the 1960s and 70s. It includes works made in the last 10 years that emphasise how this energy persists and transforms amid the constant change of recent histories.  It features artists Steve Farrer, Neil Haas, Dietmar Lutz, Mike Silva and Jack Pierson.


Through looking at how a particular aesthetic sensibility became reconstructed/reordered as a response to the trauma of the AIDS crisis in the early 1980s, the exhibition brings together works that embody the  perspective of a life lived on the peripheries, and yet, which are also expansive and generous in their intentions. We propose that new and influential gay/queer creativities emerged from this era with less emphasis on polemic, exploiting instead a more subtle, codified approach to making images.


The Man with Night Sweats is curated by Christopher Owen and David Rhodes.



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