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Coming soon: ANNA BARRIBALL & HANNELORE VAN DIJCK, Be-Part, Belguim 25 March 2017 - 11 June 2017

The work of British artist Anna Barriball (1972, Plymouth, lives and works in London) is a minimal way interacts with objects such as walls, doors or shutters. A large part of its practice consists of examining and displaying the passage of time, for example, in the repetitive activity during the making of frottages (or rubbings ) of articles which show the traces of their use and / or function. In Be-Partanna Barriball displays both parent and new work. For this exhibition she made a video installation that refers to the American, hand-colored silent film Annabelle Serpentine Dance in 1895. Hannelore Van Dijck (° Wuustwezel 1986) describes her drawings as settings without characters or activity, in which context the picture and generates the tension. In close contact with the material they're looking for spaciousness, structures and tangibility. For Be-Part they create in situ a new installation in which they (the history of) architecture will interpret and redefine. Charcoal drawings she tries to create a new place and to give a new interpretation to the original location. In its monochrome drawings, the substrate determines the operation and it merges with the drawing, which is loaded with fragility. In this way, the viewer is literally drawn into the work.

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