Maia Conran, Asta Gröting, Bill Santen & Jemima Stehli | Film screening at Dynamo Arts Association, Vancouver


Film screening  | Get Straight or Die


Daniel Lichtman and Dynamo Arts Association are very excited to present a video screening featuring works by Maia Conran, Asta Gröting, Bill Santen and Jemima Stehli to accompany Lichtman’s current show at the gallery, “Get Straight or Die” on Saturday 8 October 2016. 


Videos in the program draw on a variety of human and non-human bodies, scripted and improvised language, music and the gaze of the camera to each render a portrait from the perspective of an unseen or imaginary interlocutor. 


Maia will be showing:

Meat, 2016, HD video, 5 minutes

Meat features a film studio lighting rig that is re-purposed as the protagonist of a scripted psycho-narrative. The rig’s monologue reveals a variety of social discomforts and a multiplicity of voices and selves. Eventually, the dark-presence of the rig is punctured by footage of its counter-character, Meat. 





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