Windswept Baby, 2018

Windswept Baby is a collaborative project that moves from objects to language and into material. Artist Bethan Lloyd Worthington invited six leading writers and poets - Megan Nolan, Luke Turner, Kayo Chingonyi, Amy Lay-Pettifer, Jack Underwood and Lucy Biddle - to respond to objects in the V&A ceramics collection, then made artworks in turn. Through creative non-fiction, poetry and a short story, each writer takes us far from the museum, riding an absurd goat through gauzy forests past dripping walls. An underpass to a bloodsoaked harvest.

Designed by In the Shade of a Tree (Sophie Demay, Maël Fournier-Comte)
Full colour images by Plastiques Photography.
Section sewn and printed by Graphius, Ghent on a selection of three papers.
125 x 195mm
88 pages


Image: Hypertext virtual art book fair

Windswept Baby