The Ambataros || The Witness Section, 2020

The Ambataros || The Witness Section creates an imaginative space between Gully Cave, Somerset and a piece of furniture/interior architecture on the island of Patmos, Greece. Constructed in two sections, the book contains a series of image pairings and a text. Plant and animal specimens from the past 40-50,000 years twine and rattle 'like mittens' between drawers and layers of geotextile. The work explores the division of space and stratification of material remains, in an atmosphere like the morning after a party.

Typesetting by Design Print Bind.
Risograph printed on a selection of four papers with foil blocked cover.
Made at London Centre for Book Arts.


Image: Hypertext virtual art book fair

The Ambataros || The Witness Section by Bethan Lloyd Worthington