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©Lucy Stein, She sells shellfish, 2017

Lucy Stein’s design originates from a photograph of one of the props or ‘psychic’ objects that populate her studio and inform her paintings. In western traditions the scallop shell is a symbol of pilgrimage. The grooved lines, meeting at a single point, are associated with pathways on a spiritual journey leading to a universal center. In Botticelli’s iconic painting The Birth of Venus, the scallop shell is the vehicle for the protagonist’s voyage across the sea. Alluding to the female figure and mirroring the grooves in the shell, the bloody tampon in Stein’s homage is an abject yet potent contemporary symbol of femininity and fertility.

Produced by Artist Tea Towel Company
100% cotton, made in the UK

© Lucy Stein, She sells... Tea Towel


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