Doorways: Women, Homelessness, Trauma and Resistance 

by Bekki Perriman with...

Laura E. Fischer, Andrea Gibbons, Janna Graham, Pippa Hockton, Anna Minton, Mary Paterson, Moyra Peralta, Lisa Raftery, Shiri Shalmy and Andrea Luka Zimmerman


Doorways is an urgent book in this time of social crisis. The devastating stories of homeless women hit hard, while the essays show how this brutality is no accident – it’s the result of a deliberate policy against women and working class people. The book demonstrates the full scale of this tragedy: from housing policies designed to benefit developers to a collapsing mental health service, it is women who pay the highest price.’ – Kate Tempest


We might—most likely—walk on by, we might drop some change into a cup, we might even stop and talk for a moment, but how much do we know about the trials of life for the growing number of women forced to live on our streets, in hostels or in homeless shelters? Their presence is not just a personal tragedy, but a social and political act of violence and injustice.


As the effects of capitalism and relentless property speculation blight and restrict the lives of millions, Doorways delivers an urgent and uncompromising dispatch on the realities of austerity, gendered violence and social cleansing in Britain today.


Growing out of the extreme personal experience that informed the sound and photographic works of artist Bekki Perriman’s The Doorways Project, at the core of the book are interviews with one of society’s most marginalised groups — women experiencing street homelessness.


Alongside Perriman’s images, new essays and commentary by renowned academics, activists, journalists, therapists and practitioners explore the cultural, social and political dimensions of homelessness, as well as the role of artists and institutions in challenging it.


Written and produced entirely by women, Doorways creates an expansive, deeply textured, informed space of creative resistance that has never been more necessary.


Format: paperback, perfect bound;

240 x 160mm; 156pp; 
9 full-colour + 7 black-and-white images
ISBN: 978-1-9998161-1-7
RRP: £12.00
Publication date: 8 April 2019

Published by House Sparrow Press




Bekki Perriman is an artist working in sound, installation and photography around issues of mental health and social exclusion. Drawing on her own experience of homelessness, Bekki addresses social and cultural issues from a personal perspective, focusing on the human dimension of a wider political crisis.

Doorways: Women, Homelessness, Trauma and Resistance


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