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 Matthew de Kersaint Giraudeau
10PM-12MIDNIGHT 25/02/2021

A late night, slow paced, live streamed performance about handshakes and hierarchy. 

I want to talk through some ideas I’ve been having about gestures and power. And I thought it might be nice to do it later in the evening, once our dinner has gone down and we’ve watched our programmes. Let’s start at 10pm, I won’t go later than 12. Engage as much or as little as you want. I promise to keep it relaxed and relaxing so you can watch or listen as you wind down on the sofa or get ready for beddy byes. 

I’ll show you a few different handshakes, talk about where they’re from and why I think they’re interesting. I’ll use the handshakes as ways to think through gesture as a form of metaphor, and metaphors as ways of expressing power relations. I’ll backtrack, digress, and circle around forming new associative relations between bits of research as I go.

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