Martha Green Doran

Painting, Drawing

Studio 26

Martha Green Doran is an American artist and long time London resident. She works primarily in oils with a vibrancy and energy which bursts forth with vitality on the canvas. She works intuitively from her inner world, allowing the brush, the feel of the paint, the colours, to work with her imagination.

Meditation and energy healing are an integral part of the process. It brings forth emotions, sensations, shapes in the present moment which come to light on the canvas. It may be a recognisable shape or, as in more recent work, paintings in abstract form.

She has paintings in The Tim Sayer Collection London and exhibited in Abstract Allies at Zuleika Gallery, London in 2019. In April 2020, she set up with her West Hampstead neighbours, “Flow, Creating Community Through Art.” Martha has recently joined Kingsgate and it will be exciting to see how her work evolves.