Classes & Workshops

Here at Kingsgate Workshops, several of our studio holders use their spaces to provide classes, workshops and mentoring sessions. Here's what's on the schedule right now: 

Alan’s Woodwork Classes



With Alan Johnson in Studio 6&8

Beginners to advanced students all welcome!

To book, contact


Eco-printing & Bundle-dye Technique  Workshop with Organic Silk 

October 12th 



October 26th 


With Kylie Siobhan in Studio 47

Learn how to use flowers and other natural dye stuff to hand-dye silk textiles, creating intriguing patterns and vibrant colour. We will use a technique called bundle-dyeing, a relaxing process involving extracting pigment from flowers onto cloth.

A length of pre-mordanted, UK grown organic pure silk will be included in the price. You can then make it into a scarf or use for any personal project you like.


Sculpture and Thrown Forms



with Chris Bramble

Daytime ceramics studio access with guidance from Chris for slightly more experienced learners. 

Call for booking: 020 7419 7260


Pottery Wheel Throwing Taster Classes

Tuesdays - 6 pm to 8:30 pm

Thursdays - 6 pm to 8:30 pm

Saturdays - 10 am to 12:30 pm

With Ceramics Sculpture Studio in Studio 12

If you are looking to learn, improve and master your pottery wheel techniques you have come to the right place. This is a 2.5 hours pottery wheel throwing introduction, suitable for all beginners. Intermediate or more advanced levels who are looking to practice and develop their throwing skills are also welcomed to sign up.

Advance booking recommended.

Up to 5Kg of clay included. Glazing and firing are not included.


Book online at

Or call Cosmin at +44 (0) 741 450 1833


Bowl Making & Decorating Workshop 

Various dates:

3.5 hour session

With Josie Warshaw Ceramics in Studio 43

Coiling and slip decorating in a relaxed atmosphere. Suitable for beginners or more advanced

For Forthcoming  Dates and more info click here

To book, contact Josie Warshaw:      


Instagram josiewarshawceramics  


Handbuilding Sessions


Josie Warshaw

Thursdays 6.30-9.30pm

Handbuilding sessions for all levels of ability.


Small groups with tuition in a relaxed environment - follow your own area of interest with guidance when you need it.

Booking by email.

To book, contact Josie Warshaw:      


Instagram josiewarshawceramics  


Portrait Painting Workshops


10.30am - 5pm

An opportunity for painters with some experience to do a resolved piece of work, with a model in the same pose all day. Easels and drawing boards are available. 

To book, email


October Printmaking Workshop

October 21st, 22nd, and 23rd

10.30-4.30pm each day.

With Theresa Pateman in studio 33

Unleash your inner artist in a 3 day October Printmaking Class at Theresa's studio in Kingsgate Workshops.

These classes - suitable for adults - are small with a relaxed atmosphere, where you can enjoy learning some of the many techniques involved:


Monoprint/Drypoint/Etching/Relief- Lino Printing. All these techniques are possible.
Suitable for beginners or those wishing to extend their range of knowledge.

£60 - 170

Pottery Taster Sessions

Saturdays 1-3pm

With Freya Bramble Carter and Chris Bramble in Studio 18&19


The session takes you through the basics in throwing, paying close detail to technique. It is short and intense, you learn a lot quickly and is only a snippet of what throwing involves in our workshop. You'll start by wedging the clay, watch a quick demo and throw!

All materials and equipment included for beginners. Relaxed and intense all at the same time!




Young People’s Pottery

Sunday mornings


All stages of completion of works is completed by the attendee, turning, glazing etc - Small classes, with up to 10 teens and 1/2 staff members


Throwing Lessons

1:1 or 2:1 sessions at a time to suit you

​With Josie Warshaw Ceramics in Studio 43.


Minimum 2 hours at £30 per hour  


2:1 at £45 per hour for 2 people, minimum 2 hours 


To book, contact Josie Warshaw:      


Instagram josiewarshawceramics  


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